SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Working with Connectors

Understand connectors and how to use them.


Introduction to Connectors
Feature rich, pre-built adapters to all the cloud apps you need to integrate.
View Connector API Docs
We provide API docs for all of the normalized resources for each API provider.
Import and Export Connectors
You can export from the catalog in JSON format, allowing you to move between different environments or make copies for your own use.
Authenticate Connections with API Providers
Connecting to an API provider is at the core of . The connection results in instance id and token which we use when you make API requests to the provider through . There are two ways to authenticate instances: through the UI and by using the /...
Authenticate a Connector Instance (UI)
Use the UI to authenticate instance so you can test API requests and get a feel for the functionality available in the . If you are ready to integrate our code in your app, take a look at how to authenticate instance using our APIs in a specific ...
Authenticate a Connector Instance (API)
How you authenticate instance with our APIs differs significantly from to based on the API provider's authentication requirements (OAuth 2.0, basic, OAuth 1.0, or custom) and any specific information that they require. However, the payload th...
Authenticated Connector Instances
An authenticated instance represents a connection between a single user and an API provider where they have an account. When you authenticate with an API Provider you create instance in . Use the authenticated instance to apply logic to the inst...