SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Your First Integration: Contact Sync

Set up your first integration in thirty minutes. Sync Contacts between Salesforce and Shopify in three steps:
  1. Connect to Salesforce and Shopify
  2. Map and transform the Salesforce and Shopify Data to a single Contact resource
  3. Set up a formula to sync Salesforce and Shopify Contacts


Connect to Salesforce and Shopify
The first step in setting up our contact sync from Salesforce to Shopify, is to authorize the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Shopify to connect to your accounts. To do so, you will authenticate with the API providers to create instances of both Salesf...
Map and Transform the Salesforce and Shopify Data to a Single Contact Resource
To move a contact from Salesforce to Shopify, we need to map the Salesforce /Contact object and the Shopify /customer object to a : A a uniform API wrapper around multiple API provider endpoints for given data structures. We'll help you set ...
Set Up a Formula to Sync Salesforce and Shopify Contacts
You can build   templates, reusable workflow templates that are independent of API providers. Afterwards, you create a instance where you plug your values or specific instances into the workflow (in this case, your Salesforce and Shopify). &...