SAP Open Connectors

DELETE /accounts/{id}

DELETE /accounts/{id}

Delete an account from your organization with the account id and the DELETE /accounts/{id} endpoint. Deleting an account essentially performs the same action as deactivating an account. You can recover a deleted account by reactivating it. The account will not appear in SAP Open Connectors and is not retrieved by GET /accounts. You can still find the account using the account id with /accounts endpoints that use the {id} variable.

Warning: Do not delete the default organization-level account. Doing so will prevent you from logging in to SAP Open Connectors or making API requests.

If you delete an account that also has users associated with it, the account deletion deactivates the users. If you reactivate the account and want to keep the same users, you must reactivate them separately.

To check for any users of the account, use GET /accounts/{id}/users. If you receive a status of 404 Not Found with the response body below, the account has no users and you can delete it.

    "requestId": "59664ce6e4b0bbce0a2bd24f",
    "message": "No users found"

Path Parameters

idThe unique identifier for an account within an organization.

Example Request

curl -X DELETE \ \
-H 'authorization: User sAfK7LJGNz5ZHcNrvdJvLI=f03WbTbH6aRKc0HJ3oOIi, Organization 58168435e3b9959a929eb04b6218b9a2' \
-H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

Example Response

A response with a 200 Status Code indicates success. You can confirm that you deleted the account with GET /accounts/{id}. In the response, active is set to false.