SAP Open Connectors

Enable Batch Execution for common resources

You can enable batch execution for common resources in order to reduce the number of server calls made, enhancing the speed and performance of your use case.

To enable batch execution for common resources:

  1. Access/Open/Create a common resource.

  2. Click the Options button   next to Try It Out. From the drop-down, select Transformation Settings.

Note: Transformation settings is available only when one or more vendor fields names are entered.

  1. A pane on the right side with a list of settings appears.

Note: This feature is specific to the organizations. Some common resources may not have an option to change the advanced settings.  

  1. Set the ‘Enabled Batch execution’ toggle to ON.

Note: By default this option is always on AUTO where the system calculates the batch size or the customers can give a value based on the connector page size.