SAP Open Connectors

GET /accounts/{id}/users/{emailOrId:.+}

GET /accounts/{id}/users/{emailOrId:.+}

Retrieve a specific user in an account by user id or email. 

Path Parameters

The unique identifier for an account within an organization.
The id or email address associated with the user.

Header Parameters

Elements-User-PasswordThe user’s password. If you include the correct password the response body includes the user secret.

Example Request

curl -X GET \\
  -H 'authorization: User sAfK7LJGNz5ZHcNrvdJvLI=f03WbTbH6aRKc0HJ3oOIi, Organization 58168435e3b9959a929eb04b6218b9a2' \ \
  -H 'Content-Type:application/json' \
  -H 'Elements-User-Password:password' \

Example Response


    "secret": "wGOw+75xqzBhek=/cP8wm3SPSNggfTZp1GFLtwfYzV0r"
    "fullName":"First Last"