SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Upcoming Usage Limits

The below tables in this article indicates the upcoming usage limits of the SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors platform and their scheduled dates for the different environments.

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The dates at which these usage limits will be implemented are TBD; check this space for updates. To see Usage Limits that are already in all environments, please review existing Usage Limits.

API Requests/Responses

Limit NameLimitDescriptionScopeEnvironment Availability
Javascript Request/Response Execution Payload Size6 MBThis limit is applied to request and response payloads for a Javascript execution request. There are currently three ways to make such a request, via a pre-hook or post-hook for a connector or connector resource, via Javascript configured for a a connector (CO) mapping and via a script step in the v1 formula execution engine.

If this limit is exceeded, wrapping request (connector API, CO or formula script step) will result in a 500 HTTP error code.
  • Staging: Coming Soon
  • US Production: Coming Soon
  • EU Production: Coming Soon


Limit NameLimitEnvironment Availability
Formula Execution RateTBD


Bulk Job RateTBDTBD
API Request RateTBDTBD
Event Polling Job Request RateTBDTBD
Event Processing Rate