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FieldAware is available in the FSA hub.

Connector Information Details
Provider API Documentation FieldAware API documentation
Authentication Custom
Events Polling
Bulk Not supported
Common Resources and Transformations Supported


FieldAware API Provider Setup
API Provider Setup In order to create a connection to FieldAware, the following steps are required: Retrieve your API Key from your FieldAware Rep Call the POST /instances API to instantiate your FieldAware connected app The FieldAware Eleme...
FieldAware Authenticate a Connector Instance
You can authenticate with FieldAware to create your own instance of the FieldAware through the UI or through APIs. Once authenticated, you can use the instance to access the different functionality offered by the FieldAware platform. Authentica...
FieldAware Events
currently supports events via polling or webhooks depending on the endpoint. Polling is a mechanism where executes the configured query every n minutes and captures the changed information. Webhooks are when the provider lets know wh...
FieldAware Querying
The () provides a standard way to search across all of our . Many API providers support some form of searching in their APIs but each one approaches searching differently. Rather than having you research how to query each resource at a provider, we...
FieldAware API Documentation
Base URL The base URL for all API requests is .