SAP Open Connectors


Automatic Disabling of Connector Instances after Failed Token Refresh

To help prevent unnecessary reauthentication, SAP Open Connectors automatically refreshes OAuth tokens both on demand and on a regular nightly schedule. While rare, the vendor authentication endpoint can fail in some situations; for example:

  • the vendor's service is down or inaccessible
  • the user account is deactivated or invalid on the vendor's end
  • there is an unrelated but affecting network/service issue

In the case of a network or service issue, SAP Open Connectors waits for ten seconds before retrying the authentication up to five times, which is generally successful. However, with vendor-side service access or account issues, we may keep retrying with every request made to the connector instance. 

In order to prevent further resource consumption and increased latency, authentication token refreshes will be locked after five failed attempts (with ten seconds between each attempt). If this occurs, the connector instance will be automatically disabled and will need to be manually re-enabled and re-authenticated with the endpoint. If a connector instance associated with your account is automatically disabled, you will receive an email notification.