SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.1741

Release notes -- v2.208.1741 (since vhotfix-ENG-1196-stg)


[VDR]: (fix) : ENG-1162 Allowing sub org or account org-admin able create VDR

  • Allowing sub-org and account org admin allowing create VDR at Org level.

ENG-1262 | fix(ServiceNow and ServiceNowOauth) | Update /metadata call to have all the fields from the GET call of each object

  • Fix metadata for ServiceNow and ServiceNow oauth

ENG-1300 | fix(servicenow) | ServiceNow amp; ServiceNow Oauth : Fields Missing in Metadata Call for requests Resources

  • Adds all fields from metadata for requests and incidents object

ENG-1306 : fix(servicenow): ServiceNow amp; ServiceNow Oauth : fields Missing for Items Object in Metadata Call

  • fixes models for items endpoint for servicenow