SAP Open Connectors

Release Notes - Version 2.201

Release notes -- 2.201 (since 2.200)


EL-296 | Magento v2: enhanced to support OAuth1 authentication

  • Magento V2 OAuth1 authentication and corrousponding changes for where clause with a SQL parser.

EL-472: OneDrive v2 implemented paging for 'GET /all' APIs

  • Implemented paging for GET /all APIs in OneDrive v2

EL-538 Sage Live : Changes to Sage Financials

  • Changed name, logo and description of SageLive to SageFinancials

EL-520 SAP C4C support returnTotalCount

  • Added "returnTotalCount" parameter which provides the option whether to get 'elements-total-count' in headers.

RVCL-412 common resource v2 fixes

  • The changedFields to PUT /common-resources now works with V2
  • Added vdrFieldId to the /common-resources APIs
  • Couple of nullPointerExceptions fixed

EL-107 - Intacct: Added support for 'in' operator in where parameter

  • in operator can be used in where parameter for GET /bills and GET /vendors APIs. For example, where = billno in (464572346,'Alex1246')
  • GET /bill-payments API already supports in operator.

EL-537 SageOne : Changed to Sage Accounting

  • Changed name, logo and description of Sage One to Sage Accounting

EL-813 | Google calendar bulk for PATCH

  • Google calendar connector enhanced to support batch operation for updates(PATCH) as well.

RVCL-437 formula instance counter by formula

  • Added a formula instance count API (/formulas/instances/count) for the UI

EL-594 : Netsuite Finance v2 - Added POST /sales-tax-items and fixed GET /sales-tax-items

  • Added POST /sales-tax-items and fixed GET /sales-tax-items API

RVCL-244 Removed extra instance rows

  • Removes extra rows causing the total connector header to be off
  • Fixes empty rows in the UI instances page

RVCL-493: Transform fields nested under arrays correctly using the configuration

  • Use the configuration properties when transforming simple arrays and fields nested under arrays
  • This fixes an issue where the passThrough configuration (along with all others) were not being used to transform some paths including: fields inside arrays, simple array mappings, fields inside arrays that are mapped more than once, and simple array mappings that are mapped more than once

EL-546: Eloqua- Added support for importPriorityUri field for bulk upload

  • importPriorityUri field can now be passed in metadata parameter for POST /bulk/{objectname} API.This field is used to set the import to a different priority which overrides the default Bulk API priority

EL-923 | ZohoCRMv2 - Fixed Oauth Refresh issue

  • Fix - Oauth Refresh Issue by Adding Prompt to OAuth Authorization URL

EL-805 : Intacct - Resolved swagger and updated description

  • Updated where parameter description for GET /bills-payments-details API