SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.903

Release notes -- v2.208.903


EL-3784: Bullhorn - add the GET/{Entity}/EditHistoryFieldChange and GET/{Entity}/EditHistory

  • Bullhorn - Added
    1. /revisions GET API
    2. /field-revisions GET API

EL-3835: Facebookleadads - Enhance Facebook Lead Ads to V3.3

  • Facebookleadads - Added ability to upgrade instance using facebook.version config
  • Added /pages/{pageId}/insights API

EL-3760: removed /objects and /objects/{objectName}/metadata from migration for JIRA

  • Created new worklog resource to make compatible with Jira On Perm

EL-3749: Workday - Ability to add attachments

  • Fix - Workday - /supplier-invoices With Attachments Fails With 502 Response

EL-3783: GoogleAdwords | fix model for /report-types/{reportType}/reports API

  • Fix - Google Adwords - common resource problems by updating model for /report-types/{reportType}/reports API

EL-4021: Handling null body request for patch methods

  • PATCH http methods are currently not handling null body request