SAP Open Connectors

Replaying Formula Executions Via API

Use the PUT /formulas/instances/executions/{executionId}/retries endpoint to replay formula executions via API.  We keep formula executions for a minimum of three days and up to maximum of seven days, after which they can no longer be replayed.  

To find and replay failed executions, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the execution IDs. 
    • Either look at your executions in the UI and grab the IDs for executions that you wish to retry
    • Or use the GET /formulas/instances/${formulaInstanceId}/executions?objectId=&nextPage= endpoint and select the IDs for the executions you wish to retry.  Note: If this list is not properly filtered to contain only failed executions, previously successful executions will be replayed as well.
  2. Use the execution Id with the PUT /formulas/instances/executions/{executionId}/retries endpoint. This call must be made once for every execution you wish to retry.

When attempting to do this programmatically from your application, it is important to note that the GET /formulas/instances/${formulaInstanceId}/executions?objectId=&nextPage= endpoint returns a list of all executions from the last 3-7 days.