SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.405

Release notes -- v2.208.405 (since v2.208.393)


EL-366: Updating Bullhorn job-submissions and opportunites APIs to support /query endpoint

  • Now, users can use UNIX timestamps when filtering records with date fields.

EL-2163: Sage 200:DELETE /warehouse-holdings/{id} & DELETE /warehouses…

  • Sage 200:DELETE /warehouse-holdings/{id} & DELETE /warehouses/{id} is not deleting record from the list

EL-2155: Checks if property is an association then use deals association property value

  • fixes empty results when mapping to any associations field with Removed Unmapped Fields enabled in HubSpot Deals Common resources

EL-2230: Added auth failure catch in /ping

  • With an invalid access token, a status code 401 and unauthorized message returns when calling GET /ping in Google Drive.

EL-2214; SFDC Empty to Null transformation over bulk download in JSON format

  • Enhanced SFDC to have a new configuration bulk.nullify.empty.
  • This flag (bulk.nullify.empty) will be responsible to convert an empty value ("") to null over bulk downloads. Provided filter.null.values as false.

EL-1827: Hide Abbyy connector

  • Hide Abbyy connector from UI

EL-1616: FieldService Edge added validation during provisioning and fixed Swagger validation

  • FieldService Edge added validation during provisioning and fixed Swagger validation

EL-2006: SAGE Accounting (One) - POST Journal-Entry Models/Swagger Failed in snapshot

  • SAGE Accounting (One) - POST Journal-Entry Models/Swagger changed

EL-2224: boxv2 - PUT /custom-fields-enterprise-templates/{templateKey} Not working

  • Fix - Boxv2 PUT /custom-fields-enterprise-templates/{templateKey} not works as expected

EL-2005: SuccessFactors' Host Name tooltip displays an href connector

  • Removed the HTML Content and updated the working URL

EL-2381: Smart Recruiters bulk retries on permissions failure

  • FIX - Smart Recruiters - Bulk Retries on permission failure

EL-2250: Added a new config to connectwise

  • As per Connectwise latest updates to their REST API, we have added a new configuration parameter. i.e., connectwise.clientid. Which will be an optional instance config for now as it is optional for the Connectwise API as well.

EL-2057: Exposing Concur baseUrl an some other property description corrections

  • Now users can customize the baseUrl for Concur, as per their sandbox.

EL-2326: Changed Base CRM information and logo to zendesksell

  • Base CRM changed to Zendesk Sell

EL-1323: HubSpot Marketing: GET/contacts/{id} method has missing fields in 'ContactProperties' Model

  • ContactProperties model is missing the following fields, hspredictivescoringtier, hsallownerids, hsallteamids, hsallcontactvids, hsallaccessibleteamids added them

EL-2479: Netsuite Fin /other-charge-purchase-items endpoint

  • Enhancing Netsuite Finance with new endpoint /other-charge-purchase-items.