SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.78.2

Release notes -- v2.208.78.2 (since v2.208.45)


EL-1223 Pardot - Issue fix in object metadata

  • Fix in generating metadata for objects endpoint in Pardot connector.

EL-878 & EL-900 amp; EL-981 | Added ability to retry hooks in Connector Builder and fixed trace issues

  • Added POST /hooks-tryitout endpoint to enable re-trying hooks out through Connector Builder, see demo here!

RVCL-744 Common resources accounts and org fields with same path

  • Throws 404 if transformations are null
  • Allows account and org to level fields to have same path

El 1296 cleo infusionsoftRest enhancements

  • Contacts Resource - modified GET/POST/PATCH/GETbyId request and response models to follow standard model definitions
  • Orders Resource - Added POST/DELETE method and modified GET response model to follow standard model definitions
  • Products Resource - Added POST/DELETE methods
  • Transactions Resource - modified GET/GETbyId request and response models to follow standard model definitions

RVCL-690: Don't store sensitive headers in FISEVs

  • Do not store the Authorization header in formula step execution values.

EL-1522 | Expensify - Fixed swagger validation errors

  • Updated modes for policies resources.

EL-1120 Intacct - Added resource for order-entry-transactions

  • Introduced resources for /order-entry-transactions in Intacct connector.
  • Enhanced models for Intacct connector.

RVCL-765: Map full arrays correctly when they are nested

  • Fix for mapping full arrays using transformations when they are nested inside another object.

EL-1075 - Performance issue with file upload for the Evernote connector

  • The Evernote connector's file upload was very slow, in the 50s range, for a not so large file, e.g., 700K.
  • The issue appeared to be related to slow performance of a dependent, third party library.
  • Upgrading this library to its latest released version fixed the issue.

EL-251: Allbound prehook JS made valid for v4 Endpoints

  • Changed prehook JS to make it valid for v4 Endpoints

EL-1009 SAP C4C CRM Added Ping API

  • Added new API:
    • GET /ping

EL-30 Google Analytics Added measurements API

  • Added POST /measurements API

EL-49 : Facebook Social - Remove deprecated scope

  • Facebook has deprecated publish_actions scope, so removing the same from our connector as well.
  • Existing instances will continue working fine.
  • New instances will not have the publish_actions scope configured in them.

EL-893 : Intacct - Added new APIs for resource to support DTD v3.0

Now following resources are added to support objects for DTD v3.0 for Intacct.

  • CRUDS /contacts-advanced
  • CRUDS /ledger-accounts-advanced
  • CRUDS /customers-advanced
  • RDS /invoices-advanced
  • RDS /credit-memos-advanced

EL-1147 | GlobalMeet : Added support for native filter in reports API

  • GET /reports/{eventId} API now supports where clause for filtering reports.

EL-162 SuccessFactors: Added 'where' parameter GET Onboardings API

  • Added where parameter for GET /getOnboardings API

EL-1069 Successfactors requisitions model modified Age and TimeToFIll from Integer to string

  • Successfactors modified GET /requisitions response model to include "age" and "timeToFill" as "string" type

EL_15 SuccessFactors Performance Feedback

Added APIs to support performance feedback. Resources added

  • achievements
  • activities
  • continuous-feedback
  • continuous-feedback-request
  • goal-templates
  • goals
  • permissions
  • user-accounts/{id}/permissions
  • goal-achievements
  • dev-goal-achievements

RVCL-598 V2 backwards compatibility

  • Makes v2 common resource act like v1 with /accounts/{id}/objects/definitions and /instances/{id}/objects/definition

EL-12 sage200

  • SAGE 200 connector

EL-1124 Etsy : Cleo Gap Enhancements

  • Added the following resources :-
  1. GET /users
  2. PATCH /orders/{id}
  3. GET /billcharge/{id}
  • Changed the models of the existing resources to standard models.

EL-1151 syncplicity : Added new resources

  • Added following resources to Syncplicity connector:
  • company
  • companies
  • devices
  • groups
  • policies
  • users

EL-1326 - SFDC - Support filter by nested date queries like Account.CreatedDate

  • FIX - SFDC - filter by nested date queries like Account.CreatedDate have issues

RVCL-596 Added the ability to search bulk logs by text

  • Added searchText to /usage/bulk API
  • searchText works the same as in the /usage endpoint