SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.756

Release notes -- v2.208.756 (since v208.746)


EL-2869: Migration of NETSUITECRMV2 to EB connector

EL-3181: Fixed Spreadsheet Put Endpoint to Support Conditional Formatting Rules

  • Fixed Spreadsheet Put Endpoint to Support Adding, Updating and Deleting of Conditional Formatting Rules on Sheets.

EL-3163: Adds patch /bills-reverse/:id endpoint

  • Added endpoint PATCH /bills-reverse/{id} which updates a bill's status to 'reversed' and adds a 'datepaid' field

EL-3245: GoToWebinar - Swagger Errors and EL-3250 - Add inSessionWebinars Endpoint

  • GoToWebinar - Enhanced with /insession-meetings API

El-3167: Adds Patch and Delete for /debit-memos/:id and /credit-memos/:id

  • Added Patch /credit-memos/{id} and /debit-memos/{id}
  • Added Delete /credit-memos/{id} and /debit-memos/{id}