SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.1002

Release notes -- v2.208.1002 


EL-4439: Github connector enhancement for Export Feature

  • Added resources /forks, /files /folders resources

EL-4408: Authentication for Snowflake - Init commit of snowflake authentication

EL-4536: Support multiple files per instance in Files connector

  • Support multiple files per instance in Files connector

EL-4327: Sugarcrmv2 - Added custom-objects

  • Added custom-objects support

EL-4244: incremental export zendesk

  • Now /users of zendesk supports incremental export if incremental=true in the where clause

EL-4575: Added new resources for SAP Business One

  • Added InventoryPosting, InventoryCounting, and CreditMemo for Sap Business One connector.

EL-4550: expose facebook lead ads scopes

  • Able to set oauth scopes during authentication

EL-4530: SAP s/4 and R/3 connector enhancements

  • SAP S/4 and SAP R/3 connector enhanced to get all BAPIs
* GET /bapis* GET  /bapis/schema* POST /bapis/execute

EL-4430: Enhanced branding API for navigation category and added new privileges to the user profile