SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.856

Release notes -- v2.208.856 (since v2.208.841)


EL-2208: Sage 200:Bulk job is aborting for payments and paymentsReceipts endpoints

  • Fixing bulk query on object where GET is not supported

EL-3483: Servicenow: GET objects/{ObjectName}/metadata is returning 500 for requests Endpoints

  • Fixing GET objects/requests/metadata for ServiceNow.

EL-1839: Hide old Java connector Zoho CRM from UI

  • Hiding Zoho CRM from UI

EL-3606: Zoho CRM V2 Corrected the error message when an instance has failed to refresh

  • For Zoho CRM V2 - 400-Invalid Code Error Is Being Displayed Instead Of 401-Failed to refresh access token. So, corrected it accordingly

EL-3743: Enhanced /object to give vendor object as well

  • Enhanced GET /objects call to return user configured resource as well in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations connector

EL-3763: Handle errors in Pardot

  • Enhanced Pardot connector to indicate generic errors.

EL-3659:Dynamics F&O Connector Allow custom redirect url

  • When making a post instance call, customer can provide their own redirect url by specifying in configuration part of the payload 'oauth.callback.url'