SAP Open Connectors

Authenticate a Connector Instance (UI)

Use the UI to authenticate a connector instance so you can test API requests and get a feel for the functionality available in the connector. If you are ready to integrate our code in your app, take a look at how to authenticate a connector instance using our APIs in a specific connector doc.

Note: Each connector is different and you should check the documentation for the specific connector that you are connecting to for details.

To authenticate a connector instance:

  1. Sign in to SAP Open Connectors, and then search for the connector in our Connectors Catalog.


  2. Hover over the connector card, and then click Authenticate.

    Create Instance

  3. Enter a name for the connector instance.
  4. Complete any connector-specific information. See the documentation for the connector for details.
  5. Optionally type or select one or more tags to add to the authenticated connector instance.
  6. Click Create Instance.

After successfully authenticating, we give you several options for next steps. Make requests using the API docs associated with the instance, map the instance to a common resource resource, or use it in a formula template.