SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.379

Release notes -- v2.208.379 (since vhotfix-RVCL-1062)


EL-2140 - SFDC - Pagination Offsets 2000 Causes Error

  • Fix - SFDC - Offset based pagination issues

RVCL-957: Allows privileged users to use Org OAuth Proxy

  • Added new privilege, 'viewOrgOAuthProxy' to allow sub account users to use OAuth Proxies in the parent account.

EL-2161: Added support to upload Large files for one drive

  • As per Documentation upload of files is limited to a certain size, this overcomes that problem to upload larger files to one drive.

EL-2188 Adobe-esign : Advance model for library documents

  • Added advance models for library-documents object

EL-2236 | Added new resources for NetSuite ERP

  • Added 4 new resources - other-charge-purchase-items, vendor-categories, units-types and custom-lists for netsuite erp.

IBM-126 Eloqua Advance Model

  • changed resource name account/{id}/membership to account/{id}/memberships
  • changed resource name contact/{id}/membership to contact/{id}/memberships
  • Added advance model to accounts ,contacts, campaign, list and nested resource

RVCL-1062 Delete other user instance with privilege

  • If user has privilege allow deletion of instance

EL-2399 | Netsuite ERP: GET/other-charge-purchase-items/{id} API returns 400 on giving a valid id

  • Fixed the issue by adding appropriate filter for the other charge sub type for purchase item.

EL-2328: Added Partner Id field in Marketo's authentication

  • Added Partner ID field while authenticating Marketo connector

EL-2419 SFDC orderBy param not being respected

  • FIX - SFDC orderBy param not being respected
  • SFDC not support multiple ORDER BY, so reverted logic to add multiple order by

EL-2420 | Fixed issues with file retrieval for Google Drive when file limit exceeds 8 MB

  • We have added new API files/{id}/export-links, which fetches all the exports links for available file mime types in Google Drive. These links will be helpful to download files which exceeds more than 8 MB.

EL-1763: Updated display order for Eloqua connector to unhide it

  • Shows Eloqua connector