SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.960

Release notes -- v2.208.960 (since v2.208.956)


EL-4069: Modified Metadata Generation to Populate x-searchables

  • Added filterable: true for x-searchable fields(from models) in metadata

EL-4004 : Added change to filter event logs by connector keys

  • Event logs can be filtered based on Connector name in the Activity tab.

EL-1302: Smart Recruiters : Mismatch in Response body and Response Model

  • Update model for candidates/{id}/jobs/{jobId}/properties

EL-3359: Jira fix Webhooks duplicte events

DADA-124: added dataops-model 0.3.0 and wired in new metrics

EL-4320: Added bulk flags for zohocrmv2 connector objects and fix to check bulkenable

  • Added bulk symbols for zoho crmv2

EL-4156: Upgraded to version 4.2.13

  • Upgraded to version 4.2.13 to overcome Improper Authentication

EL-4213: JiraOnPrem add /worklogs resource

  • Addition of /worklogs and /worklogs/{id} resources to Jira On-Prem connector

EL-4404: SmartRecruiters: Swagger validation issues

  • Fixed Model issues for /candidates/{id}/job/{jobId}/properties