SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.956

Release notes -- v2.208.956 (since v2.208.940)


EL-2545: Added bulk download to Zoho CRM V2

  • Enabled Bulk Download for Zoho CRM V2

EL-2545: Added bulkupload for Zoho CRM V2

  • Added ability to bulk upload

EL-3992: Enhanced Connector Builder to read values from vendor response to resource response

  • Users can add response parameters to Resources which can be read from body and added to headers.

EB-521: Adding Client Credentials Grant Type

  • Added New OAUTH2 Client Credentials Grant Type

EL-3779: Sharepoint | Added resources to deals list items by Title

  • Sharepoint - Added CRUDS for /sites/lists-by-title/{title}/items

EL-3762: Google Analytics Post Reports common resource does not work

  • Fix - Google Analytics common resource Issues

EL-4274: Models issues while importing swagger1.x

  • Fix - Swagger1.x importing issues

EL-3536: GET /metrics/users : Response is returning "CreatedDate" and "lastLoginDate" in Date format

EL-4313: Facebook LeadAds Add subscribed_fields values during provisioning

  • Added values to subscribed_fields for /subscribed-apps resource to be able to successfully subscribe to page changes during provisioning, when event is enabled