SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.1257

Release notes -- v2.208.1257 (since vhotfix-EL-6412)


TS-1489 | Customers should see custom connectors in all places connectors are shown

EL-5462: Pipe drive oAuth2 Key and Secret Mandatory

  • Pipedrive API Key/Secret Should Be Mandatory for oAuth2 Flow

EL-4681 Fix globalmeet polling

EL-6016 Fixed the update of existing common resources for common resource V2 Engine

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EL-5824: SABb1 - Fix inequality logic for Hana queries

  • [BETA] SAP Business One - Query objects by UTC timestamps for Hana database.

EA-190 are Sharing to other accounts, if common resource was creating by another account admin

EA-101 allowing different type of json types for common resource

  • Allowing array json type like array[string], array[integer], array[userDefinedObject] in common resource common resource and transformation.

SLYT-1675 - Ability to manually execute a formula with a scheduled trigger via API

  • A formula with scheduled trigger can currently be executed only on a cron schedule.
  • For testing/debugging to even in production, it is sometimes required to execute such a formula via the POST /formulas/instances/{id}/executions API.
  • Added the ability to manually execute a formula with scheduled trigger via the POST /formulas/instances/{id}/executions API.

EL-5781 - 'sdfc' Connector Builder migration

  • 'sdfc' Connector Builder migration

EL-6174 | Duplicates keys result in converting the values to array

EL-4205 : egnyte: 'cloudElementsLink' field is not shown in SAP Open Connectors UI

EL-4574 Dynamics365fo : GET/ping returns 400 as the server response

  • Adding ping endpoint to Dynamics 365 famp;o

EL-6010 | fixed swagger import fails for valid swagger by adding empty array check for swagger schemes

  • Fixed swagger import fails for valid swagger

EL-5295 add Tolerance time for Cisco users

Adding VendorSubsidiaryRelationShip

EL-6299 : Dynamics F&O-Make cross company configurable