SAP Open Connectors

Release Notes - Version 2.205

Release notes -- develop (since 2.204)


EL-774: SugarCRMv2 Removed fields returning empty string

  • Removed all fields from response that were returning empty string or empty array

EL-160: Stripe support for ID in where query

  • Stripe's GET- /orders and GET-/products endpoints now support filtering by ID in the where clause

RVCL-253 Get instances by common resource

  • Given a common resource name will return all the instances effected by that common resource

EL-604 : SmartRecruiter connector candidate Properties and candidates jobs property end points

  • Following are the end-points added to SmartRecruiter connector
    • candidate-properties - Get, Get By Id, POST,
    • candidate-properties values - Get values of a given candidate-property, patch
    • candidate properties value of a given property and its given value id
    • candidates API - Get Properties of a given job assigned to a given candidate

EL-1150 Syncplicity - New endpoints

  • Syncplicity now has the following new endpoints:
  • GET /folders/{id}/participants
  • POST /folders/{id}/participants
  • DELETE /folders/{id}/participants/{participantId}
    • This API supports deletion by Group ID or User email
  • GET /groups
  • GET /policies