SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1204

Release notes -- v2.208.1204 (since v2.208.1199)


EL-5014 Jira-on-prem added incidents/createmeta resource

  • Added new resource /incident/createmeta endpoint

EL-5611 New connector ADP Workforce Now

  • ADP Workforce Now is now a catalog

EL-5700 AmazonS3 : Failed to load pdf on browser

  • Fix - AmazonS3 Files preview issues in UI

EL-5865 Sharepoint added new property use_scope

  • Added new Property to specify is scope should be used during OAuth Provisioning.

EL-5688:DynamicsCRM Events Polling Consider checkCreateTolerance for determining event type

  • Dynamics CRM connector event handler to honour the value of createdCheckTolerance to appropriately tag event type to the event record