SAP Open Connectors

Formula Readmes and Descriptions

You can provide context, background, and any other information about both your formula and its steps by adding a custom or automatically generated readme to your formula and descriptions to your formulas and its individual steps. Formula readmes, descriptions, and step descriptions become part of the formula and are both displayed in the UI and included in any exported formulas.

Formula Readmes

Add a readme to your formula to document its purpose and functionality, record any necessary details about its use, or otherwise provide its users with any relevant information. To access the Readme File window, open your formula template and select Generate Readme.

The Readme File window's Preview tab displays a rendered version of the readme. The initial readme is automatically generated from the description of the formula and any of its step descriptions; you can also select the Edit tab to update the existing readme content in its source markdown format. Note that any custom content added on the Edit tab is not added elsewhere in the formula; for example, adding information about a step to the readme will not add that information directly to the step itself.

Click Save to overwrite the readme with whatever content is present on the Edit tab. You can also click Regenerate to revert to an automatically generated readme created from any formula and step descriptions present in the formula. If you regenerate a formula readme, no custom content added from the Edit tab will be saved, so ensure that you save any important content elsewhere.

Formula and Step Descriptions

Add descriptions to both formulas and formula steps to both document your formula and, optionally, as assets to include in an automatically generated readme.

Adding a Formula Description

To add a formula description, open your formula template and click the space beneath Formula Description. After adding the description, click Save.

Adding a Step Description

To add a formula step description, hover over the step in the template and select Edit Description.  

After adding the description, click Save.