SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version vEL3450

Release notes -- vEL3450 (since v2.208.756)


EB-55: JSON Web Token - grant type for OAuth in Connector Builder

  • Added JWT OAUTH as authentication type in Connector Builder
  • Added ability to provision using JWT OAUTH for these connectors:
    • Salesforce
    • Box
    • Boxv2

EL-3039: adding optional payload to bulk callback url

  • adding optional payload to bulk callback url

EL-3035: Type casting while converting from csv to jsonl format for SFDC connector

  • Fixes SFDC Bulk JSON converts boolean to string

EL-3162: Eloqua - Bulkdata is not consistent if object contains null properties

  • Fix - Bulk data is not giving results for CSV files

EL-1376: Zendesk Renaming Subdomain to siteAddress as a standard

  • Renamed Zendesk connector subdomain field to siteAddress as configuration standardization change

EL-3175: Google Drive invalidate all other existing instances by deleting one instance

  • FIX - GoogleDrive - Revoke access token for all existing instances

EL-2872: SFDC Service Cloud Connector Builder migration

  • Customer can see the resources under the connector resources section

EL-3296: adding delete payments by id resource

  • Added DELETE /payments/{id} resource to SageOne

EL-3314: Make client id mandatory for ConnectWiseCrmRest

  • Correctly reflect on the UI that client-id for ConnectWise CRM REST element during instance creation.

EL-3275: added default keys for EU region to prod.EU and all other will point to US - Syncplicity

  • Added default keys (api key and api secret) to EU region for seamless instance creation

EL-3318: Made API Key and API Secret Required for Gmail Connector

  • API Key and API Secret are now the required fields for Gmail

EL-3304: GoodData swagger error fixes

  • Fixes swagger errors for Good Data

EL-3205: Pardot metadata enhancement

  • Pardot metadata enhanced for 'contacts' resource

EL-238: null check to avoid failures with instance creation

EL-3331 | Sage Accounting: Getting 500 error with "Internal failure while handling request" response when search with id in where clause

  • Fixed NPE for Sage Accounting when get call is used with where clause

EL-3294: Added webinar fields endpoint and header for post user to webinar (GoToWebinar)

  • Adds Accept:application/vnd.citrix.g2wapi-v1.1+json specific header required while creating User for webinar
  • Adds /meetings/{id}/fields to get fields of specific webinar which help in creating user

EL-3154: Intacct - Discrepancy with the primary key defined in the model for sales-order endpoint

  • updating the primary key to sotransactionid for sage intacct for create sales order resource

EL-2815: Box ObjectId is missing in box events

  • Fix - Box v1 webhooks missing objectId in events response

EL-3329: Zendesk Connector Added additional required to article Resource schema

  • Zendesk resources/sections/{id}/articles POST call require two additional fields in its request payload i.e. usersegmentid and permissiongroupid

EL-3258:Bamboo HR Changes from XML to JSON Type

  • Modified swagger for /categories resource with correct payload
  • Changes to support XML to JSON payload structure changes from Bamboo HR