SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.441

Release notes -- v2.208.441 (since v2.208.412)


RVCL-936: Fixed account filter with bulk logs

  • Fixes searching by account for bulk logs

EL-2319: Fixed models and end point names for pipedrive

  • Added descriptive models for Pipedrive connector.
  • Added a new resource to create new Notes.

EL-1774 : Resolved Bullhorn MetaData issue

  • Resolved Metadata issue where VendorDisplay name is not being displayed in CE Response for vendor fields that have label field.

EL-1723: Swagger validation fails for nimsoft

  • Swagger validation fails for Nimsoft

EL-2238: Enhancing Hubspot CRM api to return max payload when specified query param all: true

  • Users can use query param all to receive the complete payload while invoking POST contacts or leads

EL-2009: Added polling capability to Workday

  • For Workday:
    • Added Event Polling Setup
    • Added User Credentials validation during Instance provision

RVCL-1065: Ability to configure a common resource mapping/transformation with no vendor object

  • Added the ability to configure a common resource mapping/transformation with no vendor object
  • This enhancement will allow utilizing the mapping Javascript to be the main mechanism to retrieve/post data to an endpoint
  • This enhancement can be leveraged by adding the following configuration to the common resource transformation's configuration array
{    "level": "lt;organization|account|instancegt;",    "type": "unmappedVendorObject"}

EL-2412: Intacct. not supporting '&' character for /vendors endpoint

  • Fix - Intacct

GET QUERY POST PATCH APIS not works by including &

EL-2413: Evernote - /folder/contents API Makes Unnessary Calls for ROOT

  • FIX - Evernote - /folder/contents API - makes unnecessary calls

EL-1459: Great Plains - Remove GET /{objectName} for TaxCode and paymentmethod from Apidocs and Get/objects

  • Removed payment method and tax code from api docs and get objects.

EL-2048: GlobalMeet Webinar : GET/ events response body formatted

  • GlobalMeet Webinar : GET/ events response body should be formatted.

EL-2453: Great Plains - querying the ‘modifiedDate’ for GET /vendor uses incorrect field values

  • Fixed Querying vendor by modified date does not work as expected.

EL-990: Hide webhook event in Google Drive connector configuration

EL-2405: Netsuite - PATCH/vendor Does Not Return Error When Incomplete Payload Is Used

  • updating custom field list with internal ID does not work as script ID is passed as internal ID.

EL-2491: Docusign - Enhance Docusign To Derive The User's Language And Pass It As a Parameter to /documents/certificate

  • Added a new parameter language which is passed to the endpoint. This enables the end point to support internationalisation for the documents certificates.

EL-2516: Sendgrid Add Attachment ability for /messages API

  • Sendgrid - Customer can add multiple attachments with existing Sendgrid connector for /messages API

EL-2450: Deactivated Sugar connector

  • Deactivated Sugar connector

EL-2488: OneDrive - Cannot Upload Files Over 5MB Using a Graph App

  • Fix - OneDrive - Cannot Upload Files Over 5MB Using a Graph App by using upload session API
  • For Instance's provision through Converged Apps make sure add chunkedUpload=true Query Param to upload large file with upload session API

IBM-129: Freshbooks: Removed extra space in "date_from " field in payments object

  • Removed extra space from "date_from " field in payments objects.

IBM-131: Concur: Model fix for items object

  • Removed trailing spaces from "ParentID " field from items object

IBM-132: Paypal : Model fix for orders and payments objects

  • Removed trailing spaces from "experienceprofileid " field from payments and orders objects

EL-2406: Hide Onedrive v1 connector

  • Hide Onedrive version 1 connector

EL-2579: OneDrivev2 and Egnyte- can't download files larger than 8 MB

  • Fix - Onedrive and Egnyte Can't download files larger than 8MB
  • Fix - HttpClient Url Encoding Issues