SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1620

Release notes -- v2.208.1620 (since vhotfix-SDR-3622)


EL-8592 : Bullhorn - New endpoints

  • Bullhorn - New endpoints : job-board-post and appointment

EL-8617 SFDC token url

  • removing the use of sfdc.token.url since it is unavailable from the UI and instead using the base.url to authorize connector

Before: you had to use an API call to do this: the API call with sfdc.token.url and the security token appended to the password worked locally and in snapshot (, clone the connector to adjust its sfdc.token.url value from the UI and then create and instance (

After: authenticating an sfdc connector uses the base.url and adds "/services/oauth2/token"

EL-8395 : SuccessFactors - New Resources

  • SuccessFactors - New Resources :
  1. JobCode
  2. Pay Component
  3. CorporateAddress

DELIVERY-2160 SAP Business One: added LineTaxJurisdictions field in downpayment and creditMemo resources

  • added LineTaxJurisdictions field in downpayment and creditMemo resources

EL-8847 fix: Jarvis sync unique docid genration

fix(sharepoint): Updated Sharepoint apis to allow subsite to be passed in the siteAddress configuration (EL-8745)

  • If you've been trying to use Sharepoint with a subsite in the siteAddress configuration, good news! We've updated all the Sharepoint APIs to be able to allow that kind of thing.