SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.806

Release notes -- v2.208.806 (since vhotfix-EL-3450)


TS-1150 : Added changes to capture metrics

  • Added endpoint for Super Org user to capture metrics of Users created within all the sub organizations created by an Organization Admin. Added ability to filter based on Account Id's and Organization Id's, Created dates and last login date.
  • Added endpoint for Super Org user to capture metrics of connector instances, formula templates and instances, common resourcetemplates and instances created by all the users belonging to a Super Organization.

EL-3233:MS Dynamics CRM objects should fetch custom objects by default

  • /objects with return all the list of custom objects from Dynamics as well.
  • In common resource, now on adding instance, all custom objects will come in the list
  • Flag getall parameter option is removed from the /object

TS-1102 : Added changes for Formula Instances IDs linked to the Connector Instance

  • While deleting the Connector Instances which are linked in a formula instance, we display the formula instances IDs in the error message. This helps in identifying the formula instances to be deleted.

EL-250 | LIMIT not working in QBO bulk query

  • adding ability to use limit in QBO

EL-24 : Made changes to filter public links from response body in Docs Hub

  • Added a new parameter resource 'publicLink' across Storage and Documents Hub to filter the public file links from response body in /files/links and /files/{id}/links endpoints.

EL-3203 Added /campaigns Resource for ConnectWise CRM REST

  • Added /campaigns, /campaign-types, /campaign-subTypes, /campaign-statuses Resources for ConnectWise CRM REST

EL-956 | dropbox parameter change for PATCH/files/metadata

  • PATCH/files/metadata has path parameter which was mandatory earlier but now it's not a required field anymore.

EL-1238 PING added for Netsuite amp; co, Autotask amp; co, QBO, Intacct, ConnectWise

  • Enhanced GET /ping API to make a vendor request to validate the instance is alive for the following connectors:
  • Netsuite Finance
  • Netsuite CRM
  • Netsuite ERP
  • Netsuite HC
  • Autotask CRM
  • Autotask Finance
  • Autotask Helpdesk
  • Intacct
  • QBO
  • Connectwise CRM Rest

EL-3204 ConnectWise CRM REST Add /products Resource

  • Added a products resource in connectWise CRM REST.

EL-3430 : Fixed Evernote /files endpoint performance issue

  • Fixed EverNote /files endpoint Performance issue which is taking more than 90 seconds for file creation.

EL-3438 : Modified Request Model to for spreadsheets PUT endpoint in GoogleSheetsv4

  • Changed Request model of PUT /spreadsheets endpoint to support multiple conditional formatting in a single API call.

EL-250 | LIMIT not working in QBO bulk query

  • Fixing the QBO limit query for bulk


  • Enhanced GET /ping API to make a vendor request to validate the instance is alive for the following connectors:
  • AutotaskCRM
  • AutotaskHelpdesk

EL-3470|QBO: bulk without LIMIT is returning only 200 records

  • QBO fixing bulk download record size.

EL-3442:Bill Payments Resource Metadata Changes

  • /bills-payments resource's metadata now shows up in common resource object mapping screen

DADA-97 enable dataops AnalyticEvent publication in all k8s soba

Snapshot circleci job failure

EL-3210 Dynamics CRM GET/Accounts: Equal operator is not working in where clause for dateTime

  • Fixing Dynamics CRM equal operator for date.

IBM-150 Oracle sales cloud: Primary key change in activities object

  • Vendor has changed primary key in activities object from id to ActivityNumber