SAP Open Connectors

Transformation Settings for common resources

Click on Transformation Settings to apply special automatic features. Transformation settings are also known as advanced settings. There are five types of automated settings for user convenience:
Add to API Docs
Enabling this will update the transformation endpoints in the API Documentation of the element. To check if this feature is applied, go to My Resources or open the API Documentation of the element.      

This feature is enabled by default, It inherits fields from any transformations for the same object at a higher level.

Include Unmapped Fields
By default, unmapped transformations are filtered and are not included in the transformation mapping. Enabling this feature includes unmapped fields in the transformation mapping. 

Note: For Connectors where individual fields are queried from the tables, the unmapped fields are not available in the raw vendor response body as well.

Apply Scripts on Query Field Value
This enables you to enter and apply custom JavaScript on the query field value (isWhere) transformations.
To apply the isWhere clause, Paste the following JavaScript:

//Start Here.
if (isWhere) {
   //Get list Of query field objects for originalQuery and transformedQuery.
  const originalField = originalObject.where[0];
  const transformedField = transformedObject.where[0];
  //If list contains one query fields then
  if (originalField.attribute == 'isActive' && originalField.value === 'false') {
    transformedObject.where = "Status = ‘inactive’ OR Status = ‘suspended’";
  } else if (originalField.attribute == 'isActive' && originalField.value === 'true'){
    transformedObject.where = "Status='active'";
} else {
   //Body transform (either request or response body transformation)

Enabled Batch Execution

You can enable batch execution for common resources in order to reduce the number of server calls made, enhancing the speed and performance of your use case.

To enable batch execution for common resources:

  • Access/Open/Create a common resource.
  • Click the Options button   next to Try It Out. From the drop-down, select Transformation Settings.
    Note: Transformation settings is available only when one or more vendor fields names are entered.
  • A pane on the right side with a list of settings appears.
    Note: This feature is specific to the organizations. Some common resources may not have an option to change the advanced settings.  
  • Set the ‘Enabled Batch execution’ toggle to ON.
    Note: On enabling you will notice that by default this option is set on AUTO where the server calculates the batch size or the customers can give a value based on the connector page size.