SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.940

Release notes -- v2.208.940 (since v2.208.930)


EL-3831: Added tickets and associations resources for HubSpot CRM

  • Added tickets and associations resources

EL-3833: Zoho CRMv2 Polling Feature Request

  • ZohoCRM V2 - Adding 'ifmodifiedsince' and updating the connector poller configuration.

EL-4020: Bullhorn - Failed to retrieve records gt; 200

  • Fix - Bullhorn - returns 401, when pageSize is given more than 200

feat: add size limits and sampling to request trace feature (SLYT-1435)

  • When enabling request trace logging, it will now be enabled for 5 minutes default up to a maximum 10 minutes
  • Request trace logging is now sampled at a default rate of 1%, up to a maximum of 10%. Increased sampling rate can be requested by including elements-trace-logging-sampling-rate with a value in the range 0.0-1.0
  • Request trace logging request/response bodies are now truncated to 32kb

EL-4133: Facebook Lead-Ads Add Parameter to subscribe-apps resource

  • Added a parameter to /subscribe-apps resources to support 3.2 and above API versions

EB-517: Swagger not importing v1.x version

  • Fix - Issue with importing swagger1.x files

 Files Connector Enhancements

  • Enhance POST PATCH /files to accept file url in Files connector
  • Added Support for xls and xlsx in Files connector

EL-4257: Zoho CRM V2 : 304 for no response

  • Zoho CRM V2 if the request method is GET and 304 is the response code return empty array.