SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.498

Release notes -- v2.208.498 (since v2.208.484)


El-2099: Evernote - Displays rate limit duration

  • Displays rate limit duration from provider in seconds

EL-2124: Adds forms endpoint to Pardot

  • Adds GET /forms and GET /forms/:id endpoint to Pardot

EL-2622: OneDrive Fails with Special Characters (K2)

  • Fix - OneDrive - Handling all Special Characters for OneDrive Folder/File Names

EL-2325: Marketo - add custom object configuration API (HG Data)

  • Added the following APIs to support marketo custom objects.
    • create custom object
    • update a custom object
    • add fields to custom object
    • approve a custom object
    • discard a custom object
    • delete a custom object
    • update a field for a custom object
    • delete a/multiple field/fields for a custom object
    • get linkable objects
    • get dependent assets for custom objects
    • describe a custom object
    • get field data types for custom object