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Product Bills

Product Bills
A commercial document issued by a seller/vendor, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities and agreed costs for products the seller/vendor had provided along with the payment terms agreed.

amountnumberAmount of the bill including tax.
currencystringCurrency of the bill
idstringIdentifier for the bill, unique to the bill in the accounting platform.
linesarrayAn array of bill lines
billingAddressobjectAn object of billing address
billDatedateDate of the bill as recorded in the accounting platform.
dueDatedateDate the supplier is due to be paid.
modifiedDatedateDate the record was last updated in the accounting system.
paymentTermsobjectAn object of Payment Terms applied to the bill
vendorobjectAn object of vendor associated with the bill
createdDatedateDate the record was created in the accounting system.
departmentobjectAn object of department for which the products have been ordered.
externalIdstringFriendly reference of the bill/reference of bill (invoice) from an external system
lastPaidDatedateThe date of the last payment pertaining to this bill
locationobjectAn object of location for which the products have been ordered.
paymentarrayAn array of payment details pertaining to this bill
statusstringCurrent status of this bill.
taxAmountnumberTotal tax amount on the bill
creditLimitnumberCurrent credit limit available from the vendor.
descriptionstringThe description / reference / notes associated with the bill
discountiDatedateThe date of discount recorded in the accounting system for the bill
isOnHoldbooleanIndicator of whether the bill is on hold or active
purchase-orderobjectAn object of purchase order associated with this bill
totalAmountDuenumberTotal amount that is due against the bill
totalAmountPaidnumberTotal amount that is paid against the bill
discountAmountnumberTotal discount amount applied on the bill
glPostDatedateThe date of posting of this transaction in the accounting system (General Ledger)
accountstringThe General Ledger account in which this transaction is posted
landedCostnumberThe bill of lading cost associated with this bill
exchangeRatenumberRate between the currency of the bill and the base currency.
subTotalnumberThe total amount of bill excluding any taxes


lines[*].department.idstringThe unique id of the department for which the product has been ordered.
lines[*].department.namestringThe name of the department for which the product has been ordered.
lines[*].descriptionstringThe description / notes pertaining to the product
lines[*].location.idstringThe unique id of the location for which the product has been ordered.
lines[*].location.namestringThe name of the location for which the product has been ordered.
lines[*].product.costnumberThe unit cost of the product
lines[*].product.idstringThe unique identifier of the product to which the line is linked.
lines[*].product.namestringThe name of the product to which the line is linked.
lines[*].product.purchaseUomstringThe purchasing unit of measurement of the product to which the line is linked.
lines[*].quantitynumberThe quantity of the product received
lines[*].subTotalnumberAmount of the line, inclusive of discounts but exclusive of tax.
lines[*].taxAmountnumberAmount of tax for the line.
lines[*].taxCodestringThe applicable tax code pertaining to the line
lines[*].accountstringThe applicable General ledger account where the line is recorded
lines[*].taxRatestringThe tax rate to which the line is linked.
lines[*].totalAmountnumberThe total amount of the line including taxes
lines[*].customer.idstringThe unique identifier of the customer who has ordered the item
lines[*].customer.namestringThe name of the customer who has ordered the item
lines[*].discountAmountnumberThe total applicable discount on this line item
lines[*].idstringThe unique identifier of the line in the bill
lines[*].billableStatusstringThe current state of the line


billingAddress.citystringCity of vendor’s billing address
billingAddress.countrystringCountry of vendor’s billing address
billingAddress.idstringIdentifier of vendor’s billing address in accounting system
billingAddress.line1stringAddress line1 of vendor’s billing address
billingAddress.line2stringAddress line2 of vendor’s billing address
billingAddress.phonestringPhone number of vendor’s billing address
billingAddress.postalCodestringPostal code of vendor’s billing address
billingAddress.provincestringProvince of vendor’s billing address name of contact at vendor’s billing address name of contact at vendor’s billing address name of contact at vendor’s billing address / Title of contact at vendor’s billing address of contact at vendor’s billing address


paymentTerms.idstringIdentifier of the payment terms.
paymentTerms.namestringName of the payment terms.


vendor.idstringIdentifier of the supplier / vendor
vendor.namestringName of the supplier / vendor


department.idstringIdentifier of the department
department.namestringName of the department


location.idstringIdentifier of the location
location.namestringName of the location


payment[*].idstringIdentifier of the payment
payment[*].amountnumberAmount paid for this payment


purchase-order.idstringThe unique identifier of purchase order