SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.1126

Release notes -- v2.208.1126 (since v2.208.1116)


EL-4984 | common resource - associations not showing up in the raw response in case there are no fields mapped to associatedObjects

  • The associations will show up in the raw response even if mappings to associated objects do not exist in the common resource.

EL-5454:Export Extended Resources to Community

  • Backend API /publish enhanced to take care of publishing only extended resources of system connectors

EL-5002 | Quickbooks - Remove OAUTH1 from setup page

  • We've removed OAuth1 option from provisioning page as Quickbooks is deprecating the OAuth1 authentication mechanism in preference to OAuth2.

EL-5447 | Salesforce Files - fixed overwrite parameter

  • Fixed Salesforce Files to override existing file as a new version if overwrite parameter is provided