SAP Open Connectors

Production Release Notes - Version v2.208.746

Release notes -- v2.208.746 (since vSDR1109)


TS-1016: Extend the get formulas to include getting by name

  • Added the ability to use formula name as well as id in the platform API

EL-2292 : Oracle HCM Cloud New Connector

  • OracleHCM Cloud Connector - Human Capital HubIt supports Employees,Employee Roles,Requisitions,Positions,TimeEvents and TimeCards.Event Type is PollingBulk Upload is supported for Employees and TimeEvents. Bulk Download is supported for Employees,Requisitions,Positions,TimeEvents and TimeCards.

TS-1038: Jwt expiration

  • JWT tokens issued to the frontend service will now expire in 24 hours rather than 7 days

EL-3081: Remove the Employees and Categories Conversion to XML from JSON

  • Fix the POST and PATCH /employees and /categories resource as a result of Bamboo HR accepting JSON instead of XML as request payload

EL-2837: Authentication for Netsuite Suitescripts connector

EL-3080: ad words reports resource

  • Added a new resource to download the Google AdWords reports.

EL-3070: GotoWebinar - Enhance GoToWebinar connector from V1 to V2

  • GOTOWebinar - Enhanced V1 to V2

EL-3170: netsuiteerpv2 : Select * from VendorCategory is always ABORT

  • LastModifiedDate is not a valid search parameter for netsuite on Object VendorCategory

EL-3152: Fixed missing swagger fields for Greenhouse CandidatesListObject

  • Added missing swagger fields for Greenhouse CandidatesListObject (photourl, attachments, phonenumbers.)

EL-3140: OneDriveBusiness - File not copied, if path contains special characters

  • Fix - EL-3140 - no response payload returned when copying a file with blank spaces in source folder names

EL-3122: Cleo - Dynamics365FO Not Supporting Authentication for Certain Accounts

  • Fix - Dynmics365FO - Not able provision for CLEO Accounts

EL-3132: Jira : Handled worklog events received by Jira

  • Handled Worklog events received from Jira Webhook to be qualified as events in SAP Open Connectors

EL-3110: Netsuite - Enriched response payloads with Type and Code along with message

  • Enhancement - Netsuite - Enriched response payloads by including Type, Code, Message
  • Type, Code and Message are going to separated by PIPE in response payload