SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1514

Release notes -- v2.208.1514 (since vhotfix-SLYT-1999)


EL-8090 | Updating configs generates in duplicate hooks, params and configs in UI

EL-7953 | Error processing soap response from workday

EL-8196 | improve Error message when configs fail to update for system connectors

EL-7148:Greatplains addition of sales-orders and vendor-details resources

  • Addition of /sales-orders(Post, Get, GetById, Delete)
  • /vendor-details APIs (Post, Get, GetById, Patch, Delete)
  • /sales-fulfillment-orders Delete API added

SLYT-1999 fix: swap for SAML certs

  • adds new SAML backup certs and brinks changes to db to use backup certs

EL-8262 | adding logging for quartz job execution failures