SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.889

Release notes -- v2.208.889 


EL-2839: Authentication and Resources for Netsuite Suitescript Connector

  • New Restlets connector for Netsuite

SDR-1564: Added new field in branding API to hold GA Tracking Id

  • In the branding API, user can set the Google Analytics Tracking Id.

EL-3885: GoogleSheets - Authentication fails for New Accounts

  • GoogleSheets - Unable to provision instance for New Accounts

EL-3902: Workday - Added ability to expand response object

  • Fix - Workday - Added a way to expand the response object using expand query param

EL-3905: DropboxBusiness Notifies duplicate events for Webhooks

  • Fix - DropboxBusiness - Intermittently getting duplicated events for DropboxBusinessV2

EL-3953: Magento - Custom Auth expire after 72 hours

  • Fix - Magento is refreshToken issues