SAP Open Connectors

Staging Release Notes - Version v2.208.1089

Release notes -- v2.208.1089 (since vhotfix-EL-5339)


EL-2666 | Added the POST /bulk/download API that invokes the Bulk v3 service

  • We've added a a new API POST /bulk/download! This takes a JSON payload to start the download, which invokes the new Bulk v3 service to create an asynchronous bulk job. This comes along with added new features (file preview, metrics, api limits, and many more).
  • All the remaining /bulk/* APIs will function as they are now and can serve the bulk jobs created with above API seamlessly.

SLYT-1564 : fix(deploy) capture May PostgreSQL emergency tuning efforts

EL-4197 JIRA: Add polling to the scoped objects

SLYT-1309: add a TTL for formula debug logging

  • The formula debugLoggingEnabled flag will now expire after 8 hours at which time debugLoggingEnabled will be changed from true to false and step execution values will no longer be logged. Formula execution status will still be updated upon completion and step execution values will still be logged for formula executions that complete with a failed status.
  • The expire time will be reset based on the last update (POST, PUT, or PATCH) to the formula
  • Note that this flag only applies to v3 formulas, so the expire time will also apply to only v3 formulas

EA-14 Adding validation to Common resources through the UI

  • Adds field validation to Common resources created through UI

EL-4765 | Migration of Dynamics CRM to Builder Format

  • Migrating Dynamics to Builder format

EL-4880 | Migration of Oracle Sales Cloud('salescloud') to Builder connector

  • Migration of Oracle Sales Cloud('salescloud') to Builder connector

EA-41 transformResponse should be consistant with select endpoints`

  • Makes the transformResponse with endpoints that use connector queries, like SFDC

EA-46 Adding more info to timeout messages

  • Adding more info to timeout messages

EL-2666 | Uses ElementObject flags to replace classic bulk APIs with bulkv3 APIs

  • Uses ElementObject flags to replace classic bulk APIs with bulkv3 APIs
  • The existing APIs can be accessed via APIs only not through UI.
  • Existing APIs can be routed to bulkv3 based on the Elements-Version header.

EL-4222 Marketo | The IN Operator Does Not Retrieve Results for the "externalSalesPersonId" Filter Type When Used In GET/companies API Call

EL-4785 Marketo: Added salesPersons resource

  • Added salesPersons resource to Marketo connector

EL-5054 Fix polling for Cisco spark

TS-1796 Opening tomcat relaxedQueryChars

  • Fixes issues with using special characters from formulas httpRequestElement calls

EL-5132 Add Service tests to validate Swagger of all connectors

EL-5222: Added priceLevel and group to netsuiteErpV2

  • Added priceLevel and pricingGroup to netsuiteErpV2

EL-5131:Github Connector Enhancement and make single Commit for the raising PR during export

  • New resources /trees, /commits for Github Connector

EL-5229 : Generalised Error message /GET /accounts/{Id}/users

  • Generalised Error message /GET /accounts/{Id}/users to prevent users from guessing the account ID's.