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Base URL

The SAP Open Connectors Base URL for all API calls is

HTTP requests to the REST API are protected with HTTP Basic authentication with your Organization and User secret and a connector token. We use many standard HTTP features, like HTTP verbs, understood by most HTTP clients. JSON is returned in all responses from the API, including errors. The APIs have predictable, straightforward URLs and use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

Authenticating with SAP Open Connectors

To authenticate with SAP Open Connectors, you need to know your API Key and API Secret. When making some calls, you also need to know the Connector Token.

When you create an account with us, we assign you an Organization Secret and a User Secret. An Organization is a customer of SAP Open Connectors (/organizations). The User and Organization secrets represent your account with SAP Open Connectors.

To find your Organization and User Secret, click your Profile button in SAP Open Connectors, and then click both VIEW MY ORGANIZATION SECRET and VIEW MY USER SECRET. 

When you create a new connection to an endpoint, you will receive a connector token. After you create an instance, SAP Open Connectors automatically refreshes the token behind the scenes so that you won't need to connect your application again.

To find your connector token, open SAP Open Connectors, click Instances, and find the token in the Token column. Alternately, you can also use:

  • GET /instances/<INSTANCE_ID>

token and a User secret are required to execute one of our Hub API calls (e.g. /hubs/documents/files or /hubs/crm/contacts). For more information about Hubs, see the Hub API docs in the navigation area.

Pass tokens and secrets as basic HTTP Header values.

  • To make a Platform or API call, include the following in the header:

    Authorization: User 7OpR4MRo7wnPoVKkKFXHhHBUPRzqutoem/d+WEnR1kY=, Organization ce7f1f9be0d2a8b1f37bcfa6d71eda20

  • To make a Hub API call, include the following in the header:

    User 7OpR4MRq7wnpnVKkKFXhhHbUPRzQutoem/d+WEnR1kY=, Element fJ5HQ135fW4okMt5AWq0hzm2X7kaK5OpQB0Uxjvlz6U=