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SAP Open Connectors supports events via polling or webhooks depending on the API provider. For more information about our Events framework, see Events Overview.

Supported Events and Resources

SAP Open Connectors supports webhook events for Dropbox. After receiving an event, SAP Open Connectors standardizes the payload and sends an event to the configured callback URL of your authenticated connector instance. For more information about webhooks at Dropbox including the currently available webhooks, see their webhooks documentation.

Configure Webhooks Through the UI

To configure webhooks through the UI, follow the same steps to authenticate a connector instance, and then turn on events. For more information, see Authenticate an Connector Instance with Events (UI) or the connector-specific authentication topic.

Configure Webhooks Through API

To add webhooks when authenticating through the /instances API call, add the following to the configuration object in the JSON body. For more information about each parameter described here, see Parameters.

"event.notification.enabled": true,
"event.notification.callback.url": "<INSERT_YOUR_APPS_CALLBACK_URL>",
"event.notification.signature.key": "<INSERT_KEY>"
Note: event.notification.signature.key is optional.

Example JSON with Webhooks

Instance JSON with webhooks events enabled:

          "element": {
            "key": "dropbox"
          "providerData": {
            "code": "<AUTHORIZATION_GRANT_CODE>"
          "configuration": {
            "oauth.api.key": "<CLIENT_ID>",
            "oauth.api.secret": "<CLIENT_SECRET>",
            "oauth.callback.url": "",
            "event.notification.enabled": true,
            "event.notification.callback.url": "<INSERT_YOUR_APPS_CALLBACK_URL>",
            "event.notification.signature.key": "<INSERT_KEY>"
          "tags": [
          "name": "<INSTANCE_NAME>"


API parameters are in code formatting.

ParameterDescriptionData Type
keyThe connector key.
codeThe authorization grant code returned from the API provider in an OAuth2 authentication workflow.string
The name for the connector instance created during authentication.string
authentication.typeIdentifies how you are authenticating with Dropbox. Either oauth2 or apiKey.string
oauth.callback.urlOAuth 2.0 authentication only. The URL where you want to redirect users after they grant access. This is the Redirect URI that you noted in API Provider Setup.string
oauth.api.keyOAuth 2.0 authentication only. The Client ID from Dropbox. This is the App key that you noted in API Provider Setup.string
oauth.api.secretOAuth 2.0 authentication only. The Client Secret from Dropbox. This is the App secret that you noted in API Provider Setup.string
Events Enabled
Optional. Identifies that events are enabled for the connector instance.
Default: false
Event Notification Callback URL
The URL where your app can receive events. This is the Webhook URI that you noted in API Provider Setup.string
Callback Notification Signature Key
A user-defined key for added security to show that events have not been tampered with. This can be any custom value that you want passed to the callback handler listening at the provided Event Notification Callback URL.
tagsOptional. User-defined tags to further identify the instance.string