SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Sage 200 API Provider Setup

You must complete these steps in this article before you can authenticate an instance of the Sage 200 connector:

Find Developer Signing and Subscription Keys

Follow these steps to acquire your developer subscription keys:

  1. Register with or sign in to the Sage developer portal.
  2. From the home page of the Sage Developer Portal, click UK and then click the Sage 200 API you want to subscribe to.
  3. Follow the steps in Sage to subscribe to a Sage 200 API.
  4. After subscribing to the API, navigate to your developer profile page and complete these steps:
    • Under Your Signing Keys, click Get Keys and then click Show. Record the Primary signing key.
    • Under Your subscriptions, click Show under the Primary Key. Record the key. 

Registering your Application with Sage 200

For additional information about Sage 200 setup, including how to register your application and receive your API secret and key, see their developer documentation.