SAP Open Connectors

Shopify API Provider Setup

To authenticate a Shopify connector instance you must set up a store and be a Shopify Partner. If you are a developer building a store for a client, then you will need to acquire the shop name from your client

To set up the API provider:

  1. Via a web browser, go to:, and then sign up for a store.
  2. Go to: to become a Shopify Partner. It's free to sign up.
  3. After you sign up, from the Dashboard > Apps, click Create App. Shopify Connected App step 1

  4. Fill out the App Information. In the App URL enter your application callback URL, and then click Create App. Shopify Connected App step 2

  5. Under App Info > App Credentials, copy the API key and API secret key. Shopify Connected App step 3