SAP Open Connectors

Tips and FAQ

How do I interact with Pardot checkbox fields?

To select or clear a field type of "checkbox" in Pardot, reference the field with fieldname and underscore 0 .  To clear a  checkbox set  fieldname to an empty string,  and to select it set it to the name of the field. 

For Example

In this example, your custom field is called customfield and your check box is called Testbox.

To select it, use  {"customfield_0":"Testbox"}.

To clear it, use {"customfield_0":""}.

What queries are supported in GET /activities?

Pardot only supports searching activities by certain criteria - users can query by created_after or created_before (e.g. today, yesterday, last_7_days, this_month, last_month, ), id_greater_than, id_less_than, prospect_only, or type.

For more information see

Why is no data returned from GET /activities or GET /visitors?

There can be other reasons why an authenticated instance cannot retrieve data, but the first configuration to confirm in this case is the "Pardot API Version" setup in the connector instance. This version currently defaults to '3' in the 'Optional Fields' when an instance is created, and this value should not be changed unless the associated Pardot account has version 4 enabled.

In Pardot under Settings->Account if the feature is disabled for "Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address" then the account can only use Pardot API version 3.