SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

SugarCRM API Provider Setup

To authenticate a SugarCRM connector instance, you'll need some information about your account, as well as generate an OAuth key and secret from the Admin page of your SugarCRM account. Follow the instructions on this page before you authenticate an instance.

Account Information

In order to authenticate a SugarCRM connector instance, you will need the following information about your SugarCRM account:

  • SugarCRM site URL
  • Username and password
  • Custom Sugar platform, if applicable. If you do not have a custom Sugar platform, this value defaults to a 16 char random alphanumeric value and the parameter is not required to authenticate an instance. You can identify your Sugar platform, whether or not it is a custom platform, by reviewing your SugarCRM integration code for any REST API calls authenticating to the Sugar endpoint. In the example below, the platform value is represented as <SUGAR_PLATFORM>:

    POST /rest/v10/oauth2/token

OAuth Key and Secret

  1. Login to your app via your unique SugarCRM URL.

  2. Click on your profile in the top right and select “Admin”. SugarCRM Connected App step 1

  3. Click “System Settings”. SugarCRM Connected App step 2

  4. Make sure “Validate user IP address is NOT checked. SugarCRM Connected App step 3

  5. Back in the Admin screen, click “OAuth Keys”. SugarCRM Connected App step 4

  6. Click “Create OAuth Key”. SugarCRM Connected App step 5

  7. Input a “Consumer Key Name”, “Consumer Key” of your choice.

  8. Input a “Consumer Secret” of your choice. Copy them down as they are needed to create a connector instance.

  9. Select “OAuth 2.0″ for the OAuth Version.

  10. Click “Save” SugarCRM Connected App step 6