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JIRA - What are Jira Usernames and how do I find them?

When retrieving contacts, Jira requires a username query. What is a Jira username?

Jira has a concept of a username that is based on the name field of the user posted in a contacts payload.

For example, if I posted a contact with the following json:

    "name": "Jme",
    "password": "abracadabra",
    "emailAddress": "",
    "displayName": "jme of Atlassian"


The user name would be "Jme" or the name of the user/contact posted. In this case for a call to /GET contacts the query field would look like

where username='Jme'

Because there is no username in the post payload it is not always obvious how to query for this contact. For this reason, we inserted a "username" field in the response body from the post call.